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Keepin' Up with Ann...

September is here...

It always seems that months go by before I update this Newsfeed. Not because there is no news, but just the opposite we be busy! First of all I should let all know we have taken back the “Ann Kerstetter Band” moniker. Why you may ask? Well we have new personnel and a new sound. After 7 months with the band our new guitarist Bryan Noaker, has gelled perfectly with Bill Stetz and myself. Bryan’s voice is strong and versatile which means I get to share lead vocals and then I can harmonize with Billy, and folks if you have not yet heard his guitar work you are missing some tasty licks. As of Aug. harp man Diamond Dave Thompson has also been added as a permanent member of the band.

We had some great performances this summer including the Jack Mountain blues Festival, and we are excited to have been asked to perform at the Blues Society of Central PA’s upcoming “ Women of the Blues” which will feature headliner Deanna Bogart Band, Miss T and the Mosquitos and the Ann Kerstetter band on Sat. Oct.26 in Harrisburg.

I hope you will continue to come out and hear us when you can. And although I have been trying to keep my gigs minimal during the fall, I guess I will continue to be a girl who just can’t say No, when it comes to performing. Bless you all and please keep supporting live music and the arts.

Happy 2013!!

It has been some time since I have posted so first and foremost Happy New Years to all. As always I must count my many blessings. It would appear "Annie's Adventure", now entering it's 60th year will continue to afford me new life lessons and experiences. It seems that in my so-called "Retirement" I continue to thrive personally and professionally not always knowing what to expect next. And I find it makes life very interesting, to quote Gloria Gaynor, "Come what may, I Will Survive!"

2013 starts out with Cronies and the Trio welcoming Bryan Noaker, who brings his strong vocals and hard driving electric and acoustic guitar to the mix. Bill Stetz, Doug Riley, Jack Lawton and our associate Cronies John Sweeney and Dave Thompson will also continue to join us on Harmonica too.

This past September I was thrilled to return to my other love. Teaching Spanish. One day a week I get the pleasure of teaching 30 wonderful children from ages 6-17. And I must say it's like I've gained a whole new family.

I hope you and yours have all the best. I also hope you say hi when our paths cross. Much love and Happiness... And keep smilin' cause it keeps them guessing.

Well here's a bit of an update

The Cronies and the Trio have been busy these past 6 months. I know it's a bit redundant of me but I have to say how lucky I am to have been given this second chance to make music with wonderfully talented musicians.

In the recent months Diamond Dave Thompson of Miz Ida and the All Nitas has been joining us on harp. Dave has amazing chops and it has been fun to hear what results when he joins the mix. I want to thank John Sweeney for his continued collaboration on harp too.

In May Mark, Bill, and I were joined by Nate Myers, Mike Noll and Pete "Cheese" Netznik (spiritual supporter) at the Blues Society of Central PA.'s weekly jam. It was great!! Nate, Mike and Pete are such professionals whose talents are only accentuated by their incredibly willingness to share their talents with others. To have them with us to jam was too cool. Speaking of the BSCP, The Cronies look forward to performing for the BSCP's annual Dauphin Co. Wine and Music Festival in June.

Having added some new venues has been enjoyable for us as we meet some of the nicest folks. And our regular venues such as Berwick Brewery, Skeeters, the Bullfrog and Blues Front Lounge continue to make me so thankful that there are still great places to hear live music...

So, on that note I just want to say... please get out and continue to support live Music and the Arts in general.

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